Tiger Shroff’s barbell jump squats, 140 kgs-180 kgs back squats make jaws drop

Tiger Shroff's barbell jump squats, 140 kgs-180 kgs back squats make jaws drop

Just a random Tuesday and who better to brush aside our workday blues than Bollywood hunk Tiger Shroff who not only inspired fitness enthusiasts but also made jaws drop with his barbell squats. Raising the bar of powerlifting goals with his damn strong look during cardio workout, Tiger performed 100 kgs barbell jump squats and 140 kgs-180 kgs back squats at the gym.

Taking to his social media handle, Tiger shared a video straight from the gym which compiled his two workouts and gave fans a glimpse of his intense exercise session. The video opens to Tiger donning a white cut sleeves T-shirt, teamed with a pair of green trousers and a waist belt to support him as he lifted a loaded 100 kgs barbell and performed jump squats.

Repeating the movement, Tiger was next seen donning a neon yellow full sleeves T-shirt paired with black trousers and a waist belt as he lifted a barbell loaded with 140 kgs-180 kgs weight on his shoulders and performed back squats. Standing barefoot before a mirror as he sweat it out, Tiger kept his feet shoulder-width apart in front of a racked bar. 

With a barbell placed on his shoulders, Tiger grasped the bar with his hands and kept his wrists facing forward, palms facing upwards to allow his elbows to lift upwards. Bracing his core, he pushed his hips back, bent his knees and squat back until his thighs were parallel to the floor. 

This was followed by keeping his glutes and core engaged and pushing through his heels to stand back up and repeat the same movement for a few sets. He shared in the caption, “Some of my fav movements for speed and power when prepping for action. 100 kgs jump squats, 140 kgs – 180 kgs back squats (sic).”



Barbell squats help athletes improve quad strength and are a staple in Olympic weightlifting. This cardio exercise not only builds muscles and burns body fat but also improves heart health, strengthens bones and joints and reduces injury risk.

It boosts metabolism, staves off disease, regulates insulin and lowers inflammation. Additionally, this workout helps in improving posture, sleep, mood, endurance, mobility and energy levels.

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